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 Values Statement 

FPDO believes in, and works towards a world of equality, justice, peace and solidarity. It believes that every individual has responsibility to unconditionally help people to live in dignity and safety, alleviating suffering and meeting their needs.



Mission Statement

FPDO is a voluntary, non-sectarian and non-profitable NGO established in March/19/2003. Its main goal is to contribute towards peace and development in Sudan via:

·          Assisting individuals, groups and institutions to develop safe and caring communities.

·          Helping the poor and those who are suffering to enjoy self-reliance, with dignity.

·          Making it possible for those who wish to support oth

ers to reach people in need of their help.

Friends of Peace and Development Organization (FPDO) are a Sudanese voluntary non-governmental organization (NGO), non- Profit, concerned with promotion of peace, development and mine action. The organization commenced its activities on 19th, March, 2003. 


1. Propagation of peace culture based on peaceful co-existence, equality and unity among all Sudanese.

2. Help in building a healthy society that lives in peace and freedom

3. Work towards building and developing the society socially and economically.

4. Assist people with disabilities related to war victims, by working jointly towards building their capacity and confidence in civil society.

5. Fight against mines through; data collection, detection, mine awareness, demining, victim assistance and rehabilitation of the displaced. In addition to taking

6. part in monitoring  adherence to Ottawa Agreement with regards to transport, storage and demolition of mines.

7. Work towards development and rehabilitation of less developed areas, such as discovering new water resources, establishing health facilities and fighting HIV/AIDS.


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